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Food in Pakistan is a celebration of life. Our happiness, our memories, our culture, and traditions revolve around lavishly cooked feasts. When we celebrate our family, we sit together at our table and eat a meal together. When we celebrate friends, we join together and have a BBQ, relishing the process of cooking together, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. When we practice and celebrate our religion, we invite people to our dastarkhwan to serve free Sehri and Iftar in Ramazan, distribute Niaz in Muharram, and send Kheer to our neighbors and family on Eid.

Our expressions of love, of culture, of brotherhood, and peace are incomplete without food, the essence of the culinary freedom we enjoy in our country.

Karachi is one of the largest megacities in the world, home to numerous ethnicities, cultures, and traditions. It is entrepreneurial, multicultural, and diverse. Aptly named ‘mini-Pakistan’ for its ability to accommodate every ethnicity and language, Karachi also hosts a diversity of foods and culinary delights. From roadside Biryanis, Burgers, and Chola Chat to the international cuisines of five-star restaurants, our megacity has it all.

From this diversity, this multiculturalism sprouts an organization that aims to encapsulate the love of food innate to our city and represent it, in the world through its programs, training, events and festivals. We are Karachi Chefs Association – we are Karachi, the culinary heart of Pakistan.

About Us

A proud member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), Karachi Chefs Association (KCA) aims to be the premier association of qualified culinary artists, chefs, and cooking enthusiasts. We welcome members of every age, ethnicity, and background without prejudice, as long as they possess the right culinary arts qualifications and experience. The Association wishes to become a unified platform for the polishing and exposition of the immense talent that the Chefs in Karachi possess and showcase it to the world, through participation in fairs, events, culinary competitions, and ultimately the Culinary Olympics.

As a recognized member of WACS, KCA intends to elevate the level of culinary standards in our booming metropolis of Karachi. Chefs who join our ranks will be able to rub shoulders with veteran national and international culinary experts and also learn from these experts through mentorship and training.

To accommodate our budding youth who wish to learn culinary skills from the best, we have partnered with the Karachi Institute of Culinary Arts (KICA). We are highly optimistic that KICA’s quality academic learning fused with mentoring from industry veterans, will build the skills of our aspiring culinary artists and elevate them to take on the culinary world in due time.

President’s Message

Muhammad Chef Afzal – President – Karachi Chefs Association

Dear Members, Corporate Partners, and Friends

I wish to start by expressing how deeply humbled I am on receiving the honor of becoming the first President of the Karachi Chefs Association. It is an overwhelming obligation that has been entrusted to me with the hopes of our future culinary generations riding on the shoulders of this association.

I thank everyone who has helped me and wished me well through their kind words and inspirational statements. I promise that I will give this position my finest efforts and will faithfully carry out my duties, as entrusted to me by the Board Members of the Karachi Chefs Association.

Having served on a number of national and international panels for a significant number of years and helming diverse portfolios throughout my culinary career, I unequivocally aim along with our Board of Trustees, to achieve great things through this association for the chefs of our city. With each success, we will make a name not only for KCA but also for Pakistan throughout the modern culinary and business world.

We aim to focus on four strategies as a road map towards achieving KCA’s long-term goals of:

  • Grouping first-class culinary experts and building connections, culinary companionships, synergistic activities and common comprehension.
  • Promoting culinary arts, essential cooking items and specialized gastronomic information.
  • Creating a significant positive impact on the culture and norms of the culinary arts throughout Pakistan.
  • Fostering friendly relationships with Culinary Associations of other countries and promoting business and trade by working intimately with government organizations dealing with the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry.
  • Promoting Young Chefs by providing them with a platform to groom themselves and further test themselves by competing internationally through the Karachi Young Chefs Club

Membership Benefits & Procedure

There are three types of memberships that the Karachi Chefs Association shall offer:

  1. Young Chefs
  2. Professional Chefs
  3. Foodies (Food Enthusiasts, Food Bloggers / Vloggers, Food Critics / Reviewers)

General Procedure:

Karachi Chefs Association plans to offer to memberships to every stratum of the culinary world across Pakistan as long as they can demonstrate their seriousness, energy, and commitment to the culinary arts. Young Chefs, Professionals and Foodies must demonstrate their commitment to the culinary arts and fulfill the respective eligibility criteria set out by the KCA in order to join its membership ranks.

  • The applicant must firstly visit the KCA website to download or fill the online membership form.
  • The applicant will fill out the form as accurately as possible. (Any information provided by the applicant that turns out to be false on scrutiny, will become grounds for immediate cancellation of membership.)
  • Once the online form has been submitted, the applicant will be required to scan and email their relevant educational documents (diplomas/degrees/certificates) and their professional documents (experience letters/certificates) to the KCA office.
  • The applicant can also download the application form from the website. They can then fill out a printed copy of the form and attach copies of their educational and professional documents, as required, and send them to the KCA office.
  • Applicants must ensure they are providing all requested documentation with their application. (KCA will not be able to process incomplete applications.)
  • The KCA Membership Team will send a confirmation email to the applicant on receipt of their application and forward it to the Culinary Committee.
  • The Culinary Committee will review and scrutinize all the applicant’s information against the Eligibility Criteria. An applicant’s approval shall be based on their proven record of commitment, seriousness, and enthusiasm for the Culinary Arts and a desire to excel in their chosen field, both for themselves and for Pakistan.
  • The Culinary Committee will apprise the Membership Team of their decision, who will in turn inform the applicant.
  • If the application is successful, the applicant shall be sent an invoice for the membership fees. The applicant shall deposit the membership fees in the designated bank account through online banking/cash deposit or any other appropriate method and send KCA a proof of deposit.
  • Once this process is successfully completed, the Karachi Chefs Association will email the applicant their Membership Certificate and an Appreciation Certificate. The applicant will receive a hardcopy of their Membership Certificate, their Membership Pin, and their Membership Medal in the next scheduled meeting of KCA. The applicant’s name and picture (taken in a Chef’s Uniform along with the Pin and Medal) will also be displayed in the Member’s list on the KCA Website and on KCA’s Social Media pages.

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KCA Code of Ethics

Young Chefs:
Eligibility Criteria

For being eligible to apply for membership, it is important for Young Chefs to be under training at any recognized culinary institute across Pakistan. The required documentation and eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Diploma/Certification or Degree in Culinary Arts from any recognized institution in Pakistan or abroad
  • Young Chefs currently studying can also apply for membership (must send admission/enrolment proofs)
  • At least 6 months working experience after certification (duration and timeline of experience will be scrutinized)
  • Written aims or plans regarding their culinary career (write-up/short description must be submitted along with the form)


  • The aim of opening Young Chef memberships at KCA is to foster the growth of young culinary talent in Pakistan. Young Chefs shall be given the confidence to not only learn from senior chefs who are already well settled in the industry but also to grow their own network.
  • Every Karachi Chefs Association Young Chefs member shall automatically be a member of the respected World Association of Chefs Societies. This international association membership shall give the Young Chefs the drive to move forward confidently in their culinary career. The pin and logo of KCA shall be a mark of world recognition for the Young Chefs and they shall be able to participate in international competitions through KCA. As a member of WACS, Young Chefs members who travel abroad can use their skills learnt at KCA as a platform for elevating themselves internationally.
  • KCA wants its Young Chef members to increase their knowledge, elevate their skills and align their attitude so that they can learn and grow with the best chefs in the country. KCA will hold professional skills classes, which will be aimed at transferring expert knowledge and skills from senior chefs to the Young Chefs.
  • Young Chef members will also serve as volunteers in International events organized in Pakistan by the Karachi Chefs Association, where they can polish their skills and learn more about handling the pressures of professional culinary events and competitions. All in all, KCA offers a unique opportunity to Young Chefs to elevate themselves in their chosen profession and set their sights on bigger culinary achievements.

Professional Chefs:
Eligibility Criteria

For being eligible to apply for membership, it is important for professionals to be working at any restaurant, eatery or culinary establishment across Pakistan. The required documentation and eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Diploma/Certification or Degree in Culinary Arts from any recognized institution in Pakistan or abroad (with at least 6 to 12 months of study)
  • At least 1-year working experience after certification (duration and timeline of experience will be scrutinized)
  • The professional must be working at the time of application submission
  • The signature of the current Supervisor / Manager is also required (On work experience letter)
  • Written aims or plans regarding their culinary career (write-up / short description must be submitted along with the form)


  • The Professional Chef has perhaps the most to gain from becoming a member of the Karachi Chefs Association. By becoming a member of KCA, the professional shall instantly become a member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) and this would give him the endorsement he or she needs to stand out from the crowd. As KCA members, professional chefs will be able to hone their skills to the limit by competing in culinary competitions around the world.
  • Access to world-class culinary competitions allows professionals the chance to not only test their skills against other chefs but also to test their personal limits as individuals under pressure situations. With the KCA pin and logo on their uniform, chefs can become more confident that they have a chance to enter into national and international culinary competitions and receive more commendations with each win. Most of all, the process of entering competitions and fighting for the first prize is an unparalleled learning experience. KCA will be formulating a National team for international competitions and members will be able to try out for a spot.
  • Professionals will also be able to work as the Juror’s assistant during international competitions. This unique perspective will allow professionals to understand how a Master’s Juror thinks about cooking and culinary arts. The professional will have the opportunity to learn from world-renowned chefs by assisting them and asking them relevant questions in meaningful interactions.

Foodies (Food Enthusiasts, Food Bloggers / Vloggers, Food Critics / Reviewers):
Eligibility Criteria

For being eligible to apply for membership, it is important for foodies to have an acute understanding of the culinary arts and they should be able to appreciate cooking, fine dining and street food at a superior level. The required documentation and eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Written aims or plans regarding their culinary journey (write-up/short description must be submitted along with the form)
  • Any 3 Articles written on Food by the applicant including Dish reviews, Restaurant Reviews and the Culinary Arts in general
  • Any 3 Vlog videos / URLs (such as created on YouTube) by the applicant including Food Reviews, Restaurant Reviews and unique places to eat and dishes to try in a particular city etc.
  • Any Diploma / Certification or Degree in Culinary Arts from any recognized institution in Pakistan or abroad, if available. (Not possessing a degree in Culinary Arts does not make you ineligible.)
  • All submitted work must be by the applicant themselves and any applicant found plagiarizing or copying another’s work will be automatically disqualified.


By becoming a member of KCA, the Foodie shall have the opportunity to shift their culinary journey into overdrive. With access to hundreds of great professional chefs, the foodie will be able to learn more about the culinary arts from the practitioners themselves. Moreover, they shall have direct access to Masterclasses given by accomplished professionals and the chance to learn and interact directly from the creators.

Foodie Members shall also receive backstage access to international culinary events held in Pakistan, which will provide them with an unmatched culinary experience. The heat and hustle of the professional kitchen will provide foodies with unparalleled inspiration to write more about food, create better vlogs, and other types of culinary content. Foodies will also be able to interact with a community of other like-minded food lovers and gain immensely through networking.

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News & Events

Complete highlights video of the 1st Karachi Gourmet Chefs Challenge 2021! Come and relive the moments of the 1st Karachi Gourmet Chefs Challenge 2021. A big round of applause for all the young and professional chefs who participated and tested their mettle against the best!

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